• 2600+ Matchsticks
    720 minutes to create
    1 minute to destroy
    A Spark is all it Takes
  • The project represents the power of the matchstick through a typographic piece 'A Spark is all it Takes'. A matchstick can create but also destroy. It shows how a small object such as the matchstick can create great destruction.
  • The typographic piece was created at a large scale using over 2600+ individual matchsticks glued by hand to a wooden board 35"x24". 
  • The piece uses a cursive typeface that mimics the forms of flame and smoke, presenting a decorative piece of art. Its composition also enables the flame to flow from one side of the piece to another. Creating the piece was time consuming but it had the potential to burn in seconds.
  • The piece was burnt and destroyed in seconds using one simple spark. A compilation of the recordings was created to show the rapidity of the burning flame as well as the before and after images to demonstrate 'the power of the matchstick'.
  • The piece demonstrates two artworks in one; art and a performance. The outcome shows the contrast between an extraordinary and beautiful piece of art along with its burnt and charred remains.
  • © Copyright Charlotte Estelle Littlehales