A Place to Belong

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  • “Being Jewish was just something I was.  I was like the typical reformed modern Jew that only went to services on the High Holy days.”  – Cindy Becker
    When I was young, my mother struggled as she cared for my terminally ill father, raised my brother and I, and worked to pay the bills.  Religion was the farthest thing from her mind.
    “Now as I light the yahrzeit candles in memory of my husband, I think about how I should have embraced and invited Judaism into my heart, to have seen me through the whole experience.  But it’s never too late to come home.”
    Searching for an outlet that would provide balance to her life, my mother started attending Shabbat services on Friday nights.  A desire to learn the meaning of the prayers she was chanting led my mom on the path to studying for an adult Bat Mitzvah.
    “The words suddenly took on a much deeper meaning.  I bought this necklace that has the Shema prayer engraved on it.  I feel closest to God when I recite these words.”
    Through this work, I document my mother’s spiritual journey and how she has integrated faith into her life.