A Paradox in Flux: The Her Series (Part 1)

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  • A Paradox in Flux:The Her Series
    The notion of “beauty” is in constant flux. In the context of a consumerist society, beauty is often fabricated and commodified into superficial trends, fads, and practices. The aim is to critique such constructs, creating a social commentary through a series of photmontage posters with myself as the subject.
    Using wordplay, “The Her Series” was established with the following posters titled: Conceal Her, Enhance Her, Manufacture Her, Scan Her and Consume Her. 
    The intended message is to provoke an alternative line of thought: to evocatively communicate and to critically engage the viewer, as well as to remind them about their own values in which they bring into this beauty discourse.
  • Conceal Her
  • Enhance Her
  • Manufacture Her
  • Scan Her
  • Consume Her