A Modicum

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  • When you're addicted to travel, work 60 plus hours a week, and spend your free time meeting friends both new and old, keeping a journal can only take you so far. This was the realization of A Modicum's author Anthony Leung. Life isn't just about living every day to it's fullest, it's about sharing.

    Anthony enlisted us to build him a platform to share his stories and capture his interests, but we quickly figured out that this also had to fit his lifestyle.

    The branding we created for A Modicum is a visual representation of his thought process and lifestyle. Mixing in his own personal photos with a graphic style that's bold and reminiscent of the jet-setter era, we made a blog and corresponding collateral that has a knowledgeable ease. And, the blog has some muscles. Instead of focusing on long posts that take time to craft, we incorporated things Anthony was already doing to share his life, like Twitter and Instagram.

    Studio Photography:
    Finn O'Hara