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This campaign advises viewers that in order to be happy, they must break free from the clock.
Break Free Manifesto Campaign
This project required me to come up with a manifesto in which I chose a pre-existing one called “Break Free from the Tyranny of the Clock.” I created a campaign series involving a poster, brochure, button, and bumper sticker illustrating the ideas communicated in the manifesto. As seen in the photos, the imagery is very powerful with the human hand-form aggressively in the shape of a fist, as if to “punch the clock.” This rough nature is complimented by the graffiti style textures and typefaces. I juxtapose the rough textures however, with bright colors and delicate hand-drawn elements to also get across the happy, whimsical message I wanted my viewers to obtain.
Initial Sketches:
To carry out the brand, I extended the message on multiple different applications. Below are some tshirt/button/sticker designs for Break Free from the Tyranny advocates.