• A Home Island|複島
    A Home Island, written by a Taiwanese novelist, Wang, Tsung-Wei (王聰威), is a family story narrating tales of history, family and memories happened in "Cijin", Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The cover illustrates an oceanic image of the story's scene, Kaohsiung, a harbor city where the author is from and his family stories rooted. The mood created by the cover design expresses the aesthetics brought by the strangely-familiar storyline in the book.  

    Client ━ Unitas Publishing Co.
    Language ━ Traditional Chinese
    Format ━ W14.7 X H21 cm
    D&AD ━ Albert Cheng-Syun Tang
    Year ━ 2008
    Recognition ━ Best Book Design, eslite reader magazine, issure 86, 2008; Taiwan Creative Book, 2010
    ACST Design
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