A Future Version of the Past

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  • A Future Version of the Past
    What is real and what is just an illusion?
  • Life is always changing. Sometimes we don’t realize, but choosing to take it left or right at a crossroad in a particular moment of our life can make a major difference. Our life as it is practically – and particularly – is nothing, but the consequence of our decisions. We may think that there are accidents, but I believe nothing it’s accidentally in this existence. Being human it should mean to assume responsibilities and take decisions conscious.
    The 78 cards of the Tarot deck can help and lead you through this labyrinth of decisions, it helps you to discover yourself and through yourself the people around you and the world. We are what we are exactly as God means “I am that I am”. But we really know who we are? We were born, we got a name, we have been told who we are, what we should do, what we should believe, even we got baptized and raised in a particular religion. What if all of that is not real, but only a fabricated illusion?

    And there’s also one song I played with the guys from Oedip Piaf called “A Future Version of the Past”.

    It’s just a game.
    I used warm colors for this small series of paintings to balance the dark development of this role-changing story.