A Bio-inspired Greenhouse

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  • Team Members: Nairi Hartooni and Nima Rejali
    Advised by: Tom McKeag and Lewis Feldman, UC Berkeley
    As part of the course PMB 190: How Would Nature Do That?, I participated in a project to design a research greenhouse to be bio-inspired. This course introduced students to principles and examples of biomimicry. As part of the course project, the class toured a research greenhouse and studied its current performance as well as its design shortcomings. My team's final design was inspired by the lithops, hercules beetle, prairie dog, balloon fish, and lobster. Our design's features include: 
    * Networked temperature control system
    * Passive ventilation
    * Renewable energy sources such as solar panels
    * Smart glass technology that reduces energy costs
    * Two growth chambers with a structural design that allows for maximum harnessing of sunlight
    Below are the presentation boards for this project.
  • On October 13, 2011, student work from this course was on display at the Cal Academy of Sciences Nighlife.