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Paper sketches and digital vectors to form digital prints.
ABC Them Go
Illustration project.
Here we have an illustration series of 26 fine animals, even finer transport and each one representing a letter of the alphabet. From A - Z the illustrations show a variety of different animals driving , flying and riding their way around their busy lives.

The series follows colour groups of 3 with 3 main colours used in each group.

Aviator Aligator - Biker Badger - Canoeing CatDingy Dog - Electric Car Elephant - Forklift Fish
GoKarting Goat - Helicopter Hamster - Ice Skating Iguana
Jetpack Jackal - Kayak Koala - Lowrider Lama
Magic Carpet Monkey - Narrowboat Numbat - Oxcart Ox
Police Car Pelican - Quad Bike Quail - Rickshaw Rabbit
Speedboat Seal - Tractor Tiger - Unicycle Urial
Vespa Vulture - Wheelchair Wallaby - Yacht Yak
Zeppelin Zebra


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