99a project

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  • 99a is a typographic project specifically created to assist designers in creating new fonts and characters.The project aims to inspire artists to create new typefaces but also facilitate the operation and provide basic (vector) base in the drafting process. Thus the user can create serious and creative typographic results in an innovative and fun way.
    Background of the project consists of three hand-made posters with variations on the letter A, a symbolic beginning but also prevalent in the world of letters whose signs are primary web generator database, based on which a user generates alternating results, that is, inspirational posters.
    The number of characters is limited to 99 with the intent for the very artist to complete the series, creating its own one hundredth mark. Additionally, the final offered, ninety-ninth character is the only character in this project done by hand, with the intent to point out the freedom in creation of modern typography. 99a generator is free for use / download of lower resolution posters, provided that the users can also buy three original vector posters or poster print.