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    Raling Gompa
In late 19th Century, Nyingma Dzogchen Lama (central Tibet), Kushog Lungpo came to this valley and meditated at the holy sites of Raling.  To celebrate the Lord Buddha's festival and enlightment at the time of Saga Debi Dui Chhen,Jeth Purni (Full Moon) festival was started. It takes place on full moon in May/June. 
It is says, the oldest copper plate inscription of Ashoka Malla, the 12th century King of Sinja (Jumla) was also found here in Raling Gompa. 
Lama established the Nyinbas (a Tibetan Community) and Tsangbas communities. So during the festival in gompa, Nyinbas and Tsangbas come dressed in their best. They wear their most valuable ornaments. On the born day of Lord Buddha, the non- celibate monks and nuns of all Nyinbas and other Tibetan speaking communities gather to do the ceremonies. They sing the songs of their beloved gods while circummambulating the monastery. 
On personal note: Some of the information are taken from book Kailash Mandala (2nd edition) by Tshewang Lama.
Women carrying the foods and water while on their way to the Raling Gompa. 
Village men towards the Raling Gompa 
Those who have horses ride on them to go there. 
On the way to Gompa, I saw these awesome paintings showing different life cycles of Lord Buddha and the mandalas. 
"The mandala is more than an image seen with our eyes; it is an actual moment in time."
the monastry 
The prayer flag tradition is ancient, dating back thousands of years in India and to the shamanistic Bon tradition of pre-Buddhist Tibet. The wishes of people dancing along the mountain wind at Raling Gompa. 
Buddhist women getting ready for the songs to their gods, walking around the monastry
Chhetri women circumambulating the monastry singing songs 
The red woolen shawls represent the leopard skin. The belt around their waist represents the Phython skin. 
Many people from humla and adjacent districts come for the festival every year. 
During the festival, women wear their most valuable ornaments. 
culturally she looks so wealthy and happy 
Chhetri women resting on the big rock during the festival .This is the festival where both Hindu and Buddhist people share prosperiously. 
warm sun
Such cool festival so near by mountain is actually the place to go ! It's a different experience. totally. 
They share delicious delicacies with their family and relatives. 
Buddhist women circumambulating while singing songs to their gods