Elizabeth Báthory - View on deviantART -
Year: April 2012 / Size: 33.2 cm x 53.7 cm / Medium: Digital (Photoshop, Painter)

This illustration is for MdN issue 221, Sep. 2012 with a detailed 5-page tutoria on painting in Photoshop using new features of Photoshop CC.

Red Riding Hood Boys: Vegan - View on deviantART -
Year: November 2012 / Size: 33.0 x 51.4 (cm) / Medium: Photoshop, Painter

My second digital painting tutorial for MdN issue January 2013. A 6-page digital painting tutorial in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

Fantasia Termite Bianca - An International Tribute - View on deviantART -
Year: May 2012 / Size: 23.5 x 32 (cm) / Medium: Photoshop, Painter

An illustration of Bianca, the protagonist of "Termite Bianca" by Marco Bianchini. Many artists from many countries contributed illustrations for the book. 
The Illustration for 'A Mr Samurai's adventure' - View on devinatART -
Year: October 2012 / Size: 42.1 x 58.41 (cm) / Medium: Photoshop, Painter

An illustration for a short novel 'A Mr Samurai s adventure' on Speechless magazine issue 3.

A Illustration for the poster and DVD package of Cut Down the Puppet String, a short film by Joshua Belinfante 
The text layout and poster design by Joshua Belinfante