2012 Personal Works
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    These artworks are personal work and illustration for events that I done in 2012.
These artworks are personal work and illustration for events that I done in 2012.

| Year: October 2012
| Size: 45.2 x 36.1 (cm)
| Medium: Photoshop, Painter
| Size: 28.12 x 44.61 (cm)
| Year: December 2012
| Medium: Digital (Photoshop, Painter)
| Year: 2011
| Tool: Photoshop, Corel Painter
| Size: 31.9 x 42.8 (cm)
| Size: 51.5 x 73.0 (cm)
| Year: 2011 (July)
| Medium: Digital (Photoshop)
Fanart - Mediator by Meg Cabot - View the Larger Image -
I drew it as my version of a cover illustration for "Shadowland: The Mediator".
An illustration for ' Artistination Dusk Vo.IIF ' - View the Larger Image -
|Year: September 2012
| Size: 29.7 × 42.0 (cm)
| Medium: Photoshop, Painter
This is an illustration for a small exhibition in "Artistination Dusk Vo.ⅡF" at Shibuya Club CRAWL on Sep. 22th 2012. I participated in the event as a member of Bel Homme, an artists groupe which I belonged to. I personified stage lightning and costume as symbols of a dancer called Jacky.
The performance by Jacky
An illustration for 'Bel Homme Cafe 2012' - View the Larger Image -
| Year: July 2012
| Size: 29.7 x 42 (cm)
| Medium: Photoshop
 Bel Homme Cafe is an event by Bel Homme (an artists team I belonged to) and Rillie (a.k.a. Ririco:ramu, a horn headdress artist). This illustration is for a poster displayed in the cafe, and all waiters in the cafe wore horn headdresses. Rillie made one of the horn headdresses based on this picture.
The Exhibition and the Headdress
An illustration for 'Bel Homme Calendar 2013' - View the Larger Image -
| Year: August 2012
| Size: 21.6 X 24 (cm)
| Medium: Photoshop, Painter
"Bel Homme Calendar 2013" was sold at Creators' Market Vol.27 held in Nagoya, Japan.
The Product
Designed by Mariko Yuasa & Bel Homme