MAQNIFY is a tourist-information system utilising QR-technology.
Scanning QR-codes situated near local sights or in the city centre, users are being transferred to corresponding MAQNIFY sight webpages, which are optimized for smartphone view and show users detailed historical information, upcoming events associated with the sight, as well as opening times and entrance fees (if necessary). A general city page allows for navigation from sight to sight.
This way, MAQNIFY enhances conventional sight labeling with up-to-date information and allows local government to market their sights and their city.
We were given the chance to accompany the MAQNIFY brand from it’s beginning as a business concept, starting with its brand design, including logo design, color codes and typographic guidelines, as well as web-graphics depicting the concept of MAQNIFY.
We were then asked to lay out the brand’s QR-boards, as well as templates for the web-app itself, which is currently mobile-only.
MAQNIFY boards use QR-codes as placeholders in a sentence describing a key fact for the sight. 
The sight pages have a lot of optional features built in, ranging from accessibility information to downloadable calendar events.
The city pages’ most prominent feature is sight-to-sight navigation on an interactive map with route suggestions.
Web graphics show potential users how MAQNIFY works.