100 Years of Glass Crafts

The Crafts Center of the Valencian Community has started a new line of work aimed at making the emblematic crafts of our territory visible, under the slogan Showcase of Well-known Crafts. A cycle of exhibitions that will show the great artisan tradition of the Valencian Community.

The company Vidrio Sorribes opens this cycle, showing the trajectory of a consolidated company in one of the most impressive crafts, glass blowing and handling.

The exhibition has been planned as a journey through the 3 generations that have made its 100 years of history possible.

The tour is articulated through a circular table that symbolizes that timeline where the objects are exposed in chronological order from 1920 to 2020.

The room, with white walls, floor and ceiling, shows a magical space in which the pieces of glass stand out thanks to the orange liquid with which they have been filled.

The physical pieces have been selected according to a criterion of importance, marking milestones within the company, such as the first time that they collaborated with an industrial company, up to the current collaborations with designers, artists, etc.

In this way we see the evolution of an artisan company that throughout its 100 years of history has managed to adapt by putting value on the craft.

The graphics of the exhibition have as their conceptual basis the material they work with: glass. An inorganic, hard, fragile, transparent and amorphous material.

The deep orange color is found in the process of the blowing technique itself.

We have combined a serif typeface, as a reference to the history of the company, with another sans-serif typeface that relates to the present moment: the reconversion that the last generation of the company has carried out through collaboration with artists, designers and other renowned companies.

All this is accompanied by amorphous orange motifs which, due to their arrangement in the graphics, manage to create different planes with transparencies, another differential characteristic of glass.

Year: 2020
Client: Crafts Center of the Valencian Community
Sector: Cultural
Discipline: Brand identity, spaces
Creative direction and design: Cristina Toledo, Ana (UVE) Vañó Francés
Production: Ricardo Alcaide, Cristina Toledo, Ana (UVE) Vañó Francés
Photography: Paco Poyato
Project by nueve estudio

Shortlist Anuaria Miscellany. Best exhibition design. 2020
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100 Years of Glass Crafts