We have been lucky enough to help OneFootball with the redesign of their company website, which went live yesterday with the global rebrand launch (done by Design Studio). 

Branding by DesignStudio
Design and Development by Dreamers

May - June 2020

Flexible Components

We created a set of components based on what we needed to display: be it app screens, patterns, images, stats. All the website is built using the same components over and over, while still maintaining a diversity of styles.

Jobs Components

For the job listings we went the extra mile and created different components and templates that HR can turn on and off in each single job opening, so as to display relevant information based on the kind of job opening they have. For instance for developers we can display the tech stack, while for designers we display an extra module about the app they will be working on.

Dark Mode

We couldn't ignore the biggest trend of the month: Dark Mode. So we created a switching frontend snippet that turns the whole website from white to black. Extra attention was put into making sure that everything stayed visible both on Background and each of the patterns and cut layouts, which definitely didn't make our life easier xD.

Mobile Responsive

Needless to say, the whole website looks stunning and works also on responsive and mobile.

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Design of the new OneFootball company website based on the new brand done by Design Studio.



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