Designworks Company Christmas Gift

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  • Designworks Company Christmas GiftWhat type of Christmas do you have?
  • While the majority of a designer's day is spent in front of a computer editing vectors and shifting pixels, at the heart of our profession there's still a fascination with the physical aspects of graphic design – what happens when ink hits paper.

    This Christmas the Designworks team took the opportunity to share their love for print and typography by employing some of the more 'lo-fi' methods available. A series of letterpress postcards were created based on the theme 'What type of Christmas are you having?' Each of the cards feature a letterform that tells a story about our favourite parts of the Christmas break, like feasting, sunshine, hitting the road and quiet time.
    The cards were produced with an original 'Heidelberg' letterpress machine at the Magpie print studio in Auckland, and each has unique qualities resulting from the quirks of the print process. A 'split fountain' technique was used on the press, which involves placing two different coloured inks into the machine at once, and over the course of the print run the two colours blend together, giving each printed card a slightly different mix.

    A series of either screenprinted posters were also produced by the team in-house, again embracing the experimentation and 'happy accidents' that occur in the process. Across the series the posters use different numbers of layers of printing, from 'pure' single-colour prints to prints that were flipped, misregistered and misprinted.

    Our clients, friends and family enjoy receiving them as much as we enjoyed making them!