Works of January
A design or illustration every week in 2011.
This is a personal challenge for myself to create a minimum of 1 design or illustration every week in 2011. I'll be trying to post once or more very week in my Facebook first so like me now and catch it first.
First creation in 2011


Inspired by Soviet Union's Propaganda poster as seen in the previous Panda Revolution 2 post.
Week 2:

Spectacled Caiman

A crocodilian reptile found in Central and South America.

It lives in a range of lowland wetland and riverine, often found reading by the riverside or riverbank, hence it is short-sighted and wears spectacles. That's why it is named Spectacle(d) Caiman .(according to xiaobaosg)
Week 3:


3 colors on Gold & 4 colors on Sand tee.
Week 4:

Year of Rabbit ( Director's cut)

This is not your usual kind of greeting card.
( ^ q ^!) ~ giggle*

The fat baby boy is grabbing the breath and blood out of the rabbit as he thought its supposed to mean good symbol.