The UK has been hit hard by COVID-19. These images are of my experience of Lockdown as a parent and a rural family doctor. They encompass many changes and adaptions, including home-schooling and exercise, social distancing measures, having to source outside the NHS for and donations of PPE and coping with the loss of loved ones and colleagues.

Legislation and medical guidance continue to change, waiting rooms are empty and remote consulting is the new normal. Government messages of hand hygiene remain as measures are slowly relaxed. However, the weather has been exceptional and the natural world is booming.
Reception Behind Perspex.  One of the first alterations was installing perspex screens at reception and dispensary to protect staff.
Home School.  Keyworker children were still able to attend school, my children still had days at home doing schoolwork online.
Stop!  Normally reception is very busy, but with restrictions in place, all those wanting to enter the building were stopped for a symptom check.
Up-cycling.  Home crafts have been a way of keeping occupied during the lockdown period, here turning bottles into decorative lamps.
Monday, 10am.  Normally a full waiting room, now deserted as many people were put off seeing their GP.
Friends Meet.  My son has been able to stay in touch with his friends through social media, as we have become increasingly reliant on the internet.
Donated Protection.  As the NHS failed to get adequate protection to staff, our patients and local school made visors and donated aprons.
Home Gym.  Exercise at home using WhatsApp to connect to my personal trainer, using my own equipment and improvised dumbbells.
Happy Birthday Handwashing.  New guidance came out advising us to wash our hands for the length of time to sing "Happy Birthday" twice.
Kick Off Time.  The grassroots football season ended on Sunday 15th March 2020, never to resume.
What To Do. We received a lot of guidance early on, here a colleague os checking how to help somebody who is short of breath.
Self-Testing.  Documentation that goes with the self-test procedure, that finally became available to healthcare workers at the end of April 2020.
Contactless Dispensary.  With a newly fitted perspex screen, only the card machine is allowed to be outside for payments.
Spring Exercise.  After a very wet winter, the lockdown period has been accompanied by a lot of hot, sunny weather, shown here on my daily walk with plants and trees thriving.
Lost Colleagues and Risk.  One of our local GPs adorns the cover of this magazine having died because of COVID-19.
Goodbye Dad.  The 6th April, my father died, though not COVID-19 related, restrictions mean we have not been able to say goodbye properly.
Only One At A Time.  Signage and tape on the pavement restricting us to allowing only one person in to reception at a time.
Should Be The Toss.  The cricket season would have been underway, the weather set fair, there is no sign of a return to action, but maintenance continues.
The New Consultation.  Telephones and video cameras have replaced face-to-face appointments as we have been instructed to keep ourselves safe.
Lockdown UK XX

Lockdown UK XX