First Home

Motion Graphics
After Effects

Long & Foster First Home service helps clients to find the right home by including all of their must-haves
and deal-breakers. The animation was meant to encourage the clients in their thirties to participate
in the program.

The video focuses on the young couple and the First Home guide who assists them through the process of buying a house. The guide helps couple to avoid the dangers that are on the way and takes them
on a surreal journey through time and space to present them their dreamed home.

The animation was meant to evoke the classy and elegant feeling of the service with a pinch of suspense. That's why the style was inspired by the classic Noir films and spy craze of the 1960s. Our inspirations were also old American movie titles and poster designs from artists such as Saul Bass.

A mixed-media approach based on photos and videos resulted in the retro feeling.

Despite using photos, our characters were designed from scratch as shapes in Photoshop and textured later on. We experimented with their anatomical proportions, to achieve the surreal but serious style. As a result, we got highly stylized and flexible characters, that could be easily rigged and animated in After Effects (with Rubber Hose's Rubber Rig).

Facial expressions of the characters were an important part of the story. Photos were carefully chosen from stock videos to show all the emotions felt by the couple throughout the story and to allow the head rotations.

We've also prepared the assets such as cut-out hands. We've made over forty photos of custom hands so that characters could react to what's happening with them and gesticulate throughout the video.

The genre-based video demanded the use of cinematic narration. To achieve it we played with the smart transitions, cuts and variety of compositions that enhanced the kafkaesque feeling
in the first part of the video.

For sound design, we went with the organic sounds and mixed several tracks so that the music would fit every story beat.


Agency: Hammer + Nail
Agency Creative Director: Max Yampolsky
Art Director: Rafał Blecharz
Script: Hammer + Nail, Maria Pawlikowska, Rafał Blecharz
Storyboard: Hanna Oloś
Key Illustration: Gosia Jeniec, Ewelina Karpowiak
Illustration: Gosia Jeniec, Agnieszka Telega
Animatic: Rafał Blecharz 
Animation: Wojtek Siejak, Agata Patoła, Dominik Bartosik, Rafał Blecharz
Sound design and music edit: Robert Ostiak
Client Service: Kay Łańcucki
Production Manager: Dawid Gaweł

First Home