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    Selected fine art prints of Detroit
Jordi Bernadó
“Detroit is the most thoroughly modern city in the world. Modern, not of course for its great works of architecture or its progressive social advancements, but modern in the sense that this city has exemplified the assumptions of enlightened modernity like no other. Among those assumptions was a tacit belief to social progress. From our perspective at the turn of the century, Detroit, rather than corroborating modernity’s faith in progress through technology, affords an extraordinarily legible example of post-Fordist urbanism and its attendant forms of human subjectivity as shaped by the city’s continuously and rapidly transforming economic, social, and operational conditions...”
Georgia Daskalakis, Charles Waldheim and Jason Young, editors.
Stalking Detroit.
Actar. Barcelona, 2001. 
Detroit (US 216.4)
Detroit (US 197.1)
Detroit (US 188.1)
Detroit (US 201.2)
Detroit (US 129.1)
Detroit (US 130.6)
Detroit (US 188.6)
Detroit (US 186.6)
Detroit (US 182.6)
Detroit (US 194.4)
Detroit (US 203.4)
Detroit (US 126.3)
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