Coventry 2020 Olympic Games

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  • As part of studies for A2 Level Graphic Design, I decided to create a fictitious Coventry 2020 Olympic Games, having been inspired by the brand identity for London 2012. To kick start this project, I needed to design a logo for the Coventry 2020 Games and began to think of things which represented Coventry. I decided that the Phoenix, the Whittle Arch and the Three Spires of the City would be good starting points.
    After much experimentation, I came up with a design which I felt conveyed the three symbols of Coventry I wanted to capture; the phoenix is seen in the wings of the design, the Whittle Arch is seen in the symmetry and the arches of the wings and the Three Spires of the City are seen in the three wings on each side of the design and that there are three symbols of which the logo embodies. It was also a positive accident that the logo also resembles an Olympic flame, helping to reinforce the symbolism of the logo design.
    I also wanted to create leaflet, poster or ticket designs which fit the design style of the logo and for this, I drew on the graphic ideas used for London 2012 as well as taking inspiration from the brand identity of the Munich 1972 Games.