Natural Tint
location: Moscow, Russia
total area: 120 sq.m
year: 2020​​​​​​​

Here is another project that is not like the other works in our portfolio. This is a modern, minimalistic, practical interior, on which we were very interested to work. First of all, due to the unusual union of its owners. She is Japanese, he is Russian, and two beautiful girls. The Japanese mentality has left a visible imprint on style and even ergonomics. Not everywhere here the aisles correspond to Neufert* (* the author of a book about ergonomics, which all designers know from cover to cover), and the premises themselves are no more than a minimum.
As a result, the apartment turned out to be four rooms with three bathrooms and a wardrobe. For the kitchen of the living room chose space, and for the remaining rooms a practical minimum.
In the color scheme, we gave superiority to white and complemented it with the color of natural wood and textiles made from natural fabrics.
In the interior, we used a variety of lighting, with which you can give the interior the desired atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
Kitchen - Livingroom
Guest Bathroom
Kids room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Natural Tint