Les Délices de Michèle are wild and original and feature local Quebec berries as their key ingredients. A combination of illustrations, watercolors paintings and photographies are used to express the brand warmth and whimsical attributes. The berries, unique in their kind, have been put forward in a humorous context, they become huge and sometimes turn into air balloon, spaceship or giant bubbles... highlighting their uniqueness.
Brand Identity & Packagings
Creative direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot  |  Art direction: Michel Valois  |  Design: Michael Mason & Robin Kurtz
Illustration: Michael Mason & Robin Kurtz  |   Infography: Robin Kurtz
Creative direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot  |  Design: Robin Kurtz  |  Coding: Robin Kurtz
Lifestyle Photography
Sylvie Racicot
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