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Globe in Motion 1–2
Ethnological Studies 34
Divinský, B., Zachar Podolinská, T. et al. Globe in Motion. Patterns of international migration: Similarities and Differences

Ethnological Studies 36
Hlinčíková, M., Sekulová, M. (Eds.) Globe in Motion 2. Multiple Shades of Migration: Regional Perspectives

In today's increasingly interconnected world, international migration has become a real­ity that affects nearly every corner of the globe. At the macro-level, migration has the power to balance or unbalance the world economy and the labour market. At the mezzo-level, it constitutes networks and institutions with a transnational agenda, crossing the borders of existing nation-states. More importantly, at the micro-level of individuals and groups, it touches very intimate spheres of private lives, changing the patterns of ownership and sharing, family and partnership relations. In conclusion, there is more movement around the globe (flow and circulation of people, goods and information) with less predictable consequences. International migration thus represents one of the most challenging and important issues of the 21st century.  

Institute of Ethnology and Social Anthropology
Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2018/2019
Printed on 115 gsm Arctic Volume White
Flexo binding, 165×235 mm, 216/156 pages

Globe in Motion 1–2