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    a group of kid-centric drawings
These Illustrations are done in a style that compliments a more child-centric audience, although I believe them to to be enjoyable to all.
First is a self portrait in the style of the show Adventure Time. I was way into this show when I drew this, I still like the show a lot but I tend to binge watch shows and become temporarily obsessed with them.
I was also wearing rain boots, like, everyday. I live in Oregon so it rains a lot.
This next piece is called "crayon Portland." I drew this (using illustrator) while going to school in Eugene and missing Portland. I wanted to portray a simple, fun, quirky take on Portland , OR.
The next five Images are part of a series I am still currently working on for a calender of baby animals, Ideally I will incorporate them into a calendar. I added Indian designs, partly because I wanted to give the drawings a more multicultural feel, and I am a fan or the style.