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Reading Infographic

A little infographic I designed for my mom to send home with her primary students. Intended to be reproduced by teachers on non-professional equipment.

Download the version you'd like by hovering on the paperclip (Files) icon to the right and clicking on file you'd like.

The versions available are:
- English printable letter-sized PDF version
- Spanish version*
- Arabic version**
- Student version (Why You Can't Skip...)
- PreK version (Why You Can't Skip 20 Minutes of Reading to Your Child)
- Up to 8th grade version (note: you'll have to email me for this as I am only allowed to upload 5 files)

Contact me (agreer @ gmail [dot] com) for information on formatting for a new language or having a poster printed.

*Please note: I had this translated and double-checked by 3 native Spanish-speaking school translators (in different US states) who generously volunteered their time. As I only have a rudimentary command of the Spanish language, I must trust they've done a good job.

**Please note: This was translated and double-checked by 2 native Arabic-speaking translators in Kuwait who generously volunteered their time. I am totally unfamiliar with the Arabic language other than it reads right to left, so I can only trust they've translated well.
English Version (original)
Spanish Version
Student Version (Why You Can't Skip...) and 8th Grade Version
Parent Reading to Pre-Readers Version
Arabic Version
Reading Infographic