Visual Escapism, Somewhere in the World
Digital Art
Visual Escapism 
Somewhere in the World, 2020 

 By Mue Studio 
We have been interested in exploring in creating a minimalistic yet vibrant surreal world. Our goal is to create dreamlike spaces that are architectural rendered, which invites viewers to our thoughtful illusion. Through our inspirational spaces and objects, we challenge everyone to blur the boundary between fantasy and reality.
"Somewhere in the World' is open-ended – leaving the mind to wander and explore in expansive horizons. Meditative and surreal, these pastel planes are the perfect locations to dip into, with peaches and blues blending seamlessly and satisfactorily into one another. The studio creates digital non-places that exist between fantasy and reality. They ask questions about how artificial places might still offer us refuge and solace. Dusk is always on the horizon; clouds, moons and blow-up balls drifting through the landscapes."    
- by Kate Simpson, Assistatant Editor, Aethetica Magazine 
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Visual Escapism, Somewhere in the World