Self-written final brief on my Foundation Course
The aim of my project was to design any kind of a product after you’ve been influenced by some traditional patterns or crafts. So I had a rather deep research into this theme looking for different paintings and traditional techniques of art. I also had a number of experiments which I presented in my sketchbook. For example, I tried myself at woodcarving, lace making, burning, making toys and crochet.
At first, my research was in my national area, I mean, I looked for different types of Russian traditions. At the same time, I looked for similar projects of other designers. But, later on I gradually came to Eastern patterns, such as Indian and Persian origin. Finally, I decided to work with Paisley pattern because I liked it different shape but with some general parts, a rich color palette and its style where the ornaments almost always consists of different tiny elements, but the ornament still recognizable.
Secondly, I started experimenting exactly with Paisley. I used various techniques and methods to draw and paint it, made some collages, mosaics. I was looking for it in unusual textures, tried to simplify it and bring some possible purposes. I had a plenty of different ideas and arguments, but, finally, I decided to make a rocking chair in a Paisley shape with several bookshelves inside it, which would have constituted a Persian pattern itself.
It has nearly the same size as an ordinary rocking hair. It has an unusual beautiful streamlined and at the same time simple form. It is comfortable, because of its shape, which repeats the shape of your body. It also has a soft nice pillow which is hidden inside its pattern and you can take it out if you need it or just want to relax. You also can choose a color and, perhaps, you will be able to pick up a pattern of shelves. In compare to other similar rocking chairs this one differs with its ingenious design and can be bought for a not very high price. The reason is that it is not expensive in production. It is made of plastic and does not require a large labor.
As a result you’ll get a lot of satisfaction and practicality from having such device at your home and saving some time, especially when you’re too tired or too lazy to go to the bookcase and take a book. Isn’t it cool?
March - May 2010