Match It!
A school project on self promotion. 

I wanted to:
- Share my love of games
- Show a mix of traditional/old and digital/new
- Show my illustration skills
- Make people remember me when they play the game
- Everyone to have fun!

Game rules are simple:
- 2 players, each player receives half the deck faced down
- Players decide on a theme before game starts (food, colour, movie, etc.) to be referenced later on
- Both players will open 1 card from the top of their deck simultaneously and place in the middle discard deck
- If illustrations match, attempt to shout out an item from said theme that was decided beforehand and slam one hand on the cards. Whoever that is slower will take the middle discard deck.
- Same thing goes if the colours on the illustrations match instead of the illustrations themselves.
- First player to finish all cards on one's own deck wins!
Top of metal case that houses all the cards
Back of metal case
Instructions sheet and deck of cards inside the case
Illustrations drawn onto and cut out of lino blocks.
Lino block prints made and scanned into the computer to be digitally processed and coloured in Photoshop. Each lino block print has 3 variations of different colours.
The other side of the cards with words that describe myself or my works. Game can be played with this side too. The rules are the same, matching either colour or images work. 12 different words in 4 colours each in total.
The Shich wild card