For this project we were supposed to invent a culture, one that is independent from ours, which has different beliefs, religions, art, morals, architecture and so on. A culture had to exist in such separation from our culture, that it is ENTIRELY SEPARATED from our world.
I was making this project together with Jane Korobenkova. We’ve created the world which is inverted. So our cities and main population are inside the planet because gravity is to the surface of the planet.
First of all, I’d like tell the story about creation of our world. At first, there was a GREAT BLACK MOTHER CHICKEN in the space. She laid eggs with ants inside, but once she laid an egg with eyes and legs. It was alive hybrid of egg and ant. She was frightened of what she’d done and exploded. That’s how our planet was born and why it is inside out.
The hatched ants created the system, rights and rules of inhabitants of the planet. They sent all eggies (mutants of ants which look like egg but they also have eyes and some other parts of the body. For example, 6 legs, or mouth, or horn and so on) on the external side of their planet while they themselves remained inside it. So “The Bottom World” is a technogenic world of ants and “The Top World” is a world of eggies. They never meet, but eggies believe that ants are their Gods because they send them new eggies (it happens when new mutants are born). So ants appear from eggs but mutant-ants still have its shape, so they’re eggies.
Big Great Mother Chiken
Model of the Planet
Years later ants evolved to roboants. Every ant has his own function. Some of them are carts, some are lights, etc. They seem to have no feelings at all. Otherwise, eggies are very positive bright creatures and they are very stupid despite the fact that the brain takes half of their body (however, it is thought that their brain is sleeping).  Ants use eggies as slaves. They feed them with teeth which grow in the deep caves. They are like stalactites and stalagmites. When they grow in the ground, they are relatively soft and their color is the same as the soil. But the ants disrupt them as the plants and then the teeth begin to change their color to gold, grow a little bit and become more firm and crispy. Eggies are lured by gold teeth, they are their favorite treat after genetically modified fishbones. Ants also use golden teeth to lure eggies to the special hatches which collect saliva that eggies slobber on it. These hatches are connected with “The Bottom World” where ants easily get them. Also these hatches collect special thread which is produced by eggies (they are like silkworm in some way) because they are constructed like vacuum cleaners. And eggies’ saliva is like oil, I mean that ants make petrol from it, glue, different materials, fabric, water and so on. Ants’ world consists of thousands of factories which have difficult and unintelligible functions. For example, some of them produce artificial gravity for the planet, others make genetically modified fishbones and so on. So it is science world.
Teeth Caves
Teeth Caves
When eggies are alive they are like gummy bears, but when they die they become stones. So now the planet is full of stones and they became to fall into the planet to ants’ bottom world. Ants need to organize special groups to find out and catch eggies who fell into the holes made by stones. Also they need to seal holes in the planet’s surface. It took them a lot of time and distract from their scientist work. So the planet is breaking and the all need some HELP!
Smart Eggy
Smart Eggy fishing and camping in the nature
Model of Eggy's stomach with a piece of fishbone
3D Development of our characters.
Final "gummy bear" looking Eggy with visible brain and stomach
First of all, we wanted to make a spacebottle with SOS message inside it but then we thought about what if one of the eggies could wake up his brain, and he invented the rocket to travel around the world. But ants were afraid of him because he could’ve told others that they are slaves and they decided to tell him a story that he was chosen to save their planet and sent him out to find the help (actually they were afraid of revolution and overthrow of the slavery). And now one of the main secrets of our culture.

Clever eggy could find help on Earth and people helped our planet. For this they took some of the eggies’ saliva and put it as the secret component in all glues! It was a great exchange! Now our planet is safe and people on Earth have glue. People helped ants to remove stones, but ants leave clever eggy on Earth to protect their government.
And our outcome is a model of eggies’ spaceship on which he flew to the Earth.
SOS Message from the planet
Eggy's Rocket
November - December 2009