Facebook event page cover photo
Ad2OKC's July monthly meeting, called "Communicator's Happy Hour," will serve as a social event, a recruitment opportunity, and a lead-up to the remainder of 2013's monthly meetings, many of which center around developing important professional skills (both for existing professionals and students). This event was to be cohosted by another young professional's organization, PRSA New Professionals, and would also feature door prizes and a scavenger hunt to promote mingling between Ad2 and PRSA New Pros members.
The design concept for this collection came from discussions with Ad2 Board Members about the need to promote this event as one that would mix professional networking opportunities with a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
It was also important that the event design utilize copy that would echo Ad2's existing playful, tongue-in-cheek culture.  
 "Solomon" type family. Its variety of weights and simple, decorative elements created a bold and attractive title. 
Email Blast
The final design suite included
1.   PowerPoint Slide to promote this event at the Oklahoma City Ad Club's monthly luncheon.
2.   Email blast
3.   Facebook event page cover photo
4.   Main AdOKC Facebook cover photo
5.   Facebook profile photo
6.   Poster, 11x17
7.  1:1 event photo for Twitter, Instagram
8.   Five 1:1 designs for the event's accompanying scavenger hunt items (those will be posted after the event). 
1:1 design for Instagram or Twitter post