In this 4 weeks project we were supposed to produce our own projects for theme “Into the White.” Well, now I’m going to tell you about my exact project.
At first, I want to tell you how I came to this idea. First two or three weeks seemed to me as a nightmare because, from my point of view, it is very difficult to make "anything but white". It’s unreal, because it seems to have no “frame” and a lot of free space for your ideas. I think that if you have much more strong limitations, it is easier to work out some amazing ideas. Someone advised me to create own frame for myself by making research in my mind “what white means for me”. And after that I found some of its meanings: lightness (as a color and as a not heavy), infinity, clearness, flying, immortality, sharpness and so on. And I decided to make an installation-association.
Secondly, I’m going to tell you about the meaning of my project in short. A big wide frame means too much free space for project, no limitation; it’s like invisible for me. Also material which was used for it shows its flexibility (I mean flexibility of ideas and space). A large piece of fabric is a great dimension for ideas. Beads are a number of possible ideas that you could produce on this project. Socket and a string going through it is my mind with lots of ideas going out (at the same time it symbolizes electricity). A stone means the difficulty of this project. A bulb is an exact idea or inspiration (also it is connected to the electricity). Feather and hogweed, obviously, is flying. At the same time it seems to me as a big dandelion. Butterflies mean lightness. Some lids means sharpness. Pens (which have no ink) show how much time and labour were spent on it. The brush means it’s an art project. The mask symbolizes my nightmare about this project. And these are the main meanings, I think, but you can try to find some more associations for yourself.
However, this project taught me to overcome different problems such as: finding a good idea, materials, timetable and different other things.
Some sketches and experiments.
October - November 2009