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    Delightfull Tribute to Amy Winehouse With Amy Floor and Amy Table Lamps.
Delightfull's tribute to Amy Winehouse
23rd of July, 2011 : the fatidic date that marks the end of the diva’s life will be remembered by every blues lover.
Facing the world’s sadness due to this incredible loss, the lighting brand inspired in 40′s, 50’s, 60’s and blues legacy decided to pay homage to the eternal blues singer and composer.
Already called as a phenomenon of the reinvention of revivalism, Amy floor and table versions came to eternize Amy’s voice.
The iconic fixtures have broken the frontiers between music and design. “Rehab” isn’t anymore a song in the past: it is an eternal tribute hidden in the golden glow of Amy’s revival.
“It is a tribute to the great British singer and songwriter”, defines Diogo Carvalho, the head designer.
Amy is an elegant piece, with personality, outlined by detail,surrounded by the black of her hair and of her golden voice.
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The table version allows the diffuser to turn and regulate the light position. Everytime you enlight your space with Amy Floor or Table you will hear the Amy Winehouse’s voice.