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    hand washer and drinking fountain
Our life is constantly surrounded by enormous amount of  microorganisms. From the countless types of these invisible living creatures, the density of bacteria is especially high due to their speed of multiplication if the requirements are met. They can be harmless, aiding us to digest different sources but mostly they present a threat to us in the form of several well known diseases. We interact with unbelievable amount of surfaces stuffed with harmful bacteria on a daily basis. These are using our hands as a way of transport to get into our body. A perfect example is our frequent use of public transport, where millions holding the same handles or pushing the same buttons. Another source of contact with bacteria is money, as banknotes exchange several thousand hands per day, providing optimal circumstances for microorganisms to travel. These facts emphasizing the necessity of keeping our hands clean as much as possible. Results of a recent poll shows that -although it should be natural- washing hands before and after using the toilet, or before meals is not as widely practiced as we’d imagine. It appears to me that maintaining hygiene –away from home- is strictly limited to restrooms located in restaurants, shopping malls or public toilets. Most of the time, the state of these units are unacceptable, we put on more bacteria than we remove.Cleansing wipes could provide a temporary relief, but the manufacturing cost / efficiency balance is way too uneven for large scale production without significant loss. I need to highlight the feeling of cleanliness, which is associated with water within many of us. Therefor the most convenient idea would be to upgrade the already existing hygiene facilities around playgrounds, community sites and well frequented areas of a city. The aforementioned public toilets could fulfill these needs, but the sight of them are associated with different personal functions. It is very important to assist in achieving a high level personal hygiene in order to avoid our body surface turning into a living bacteria nursery during the million physical interaction we encounter in on a daily basis.
The average taps of the sinks in trade are falling the water down from a central port. The shape of the water jet can be altered by altering the shape of the port, which supports the distribution of the water on a much wider surface alongside the being much efficient and waste reducing. Based on these principles, the port can be redesigned creatively to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce wastage to the possible minimum.
The device is run by a program, which disperses a cleaning solution followed by clean water. This is made complete by the introduction of the waste suction mechanism which is responsible for removing the dirty water after a handwash. The wash program starts by.
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