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BRaK: Melancholia

BRaK: Melancholia

Bratislava Book Festival
14.—16. 6. 2019
Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava

Visual identity and printed matter for Bratislava Book Festival. A theme for the 6th volume was ‘Melancholia’. BRaK festival was always aspiring to be the platform for small and middle publishers and to bring opportunities for them and other market key players, artists, graphic designers and illustrators. After 5 years of building a common V4 platform, connections with Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian artists, networking and growing dramaturgically as a festival, this project aims at the further development of the festival and the platform, sustaining the quality of the program and addressing the current issues and topics in the Central European region. 

BRaK: Melancholia