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    Product Branding brief during my 2nd year of study at University College Falmouth
Cautious Jack Whisky
Branding and Packaging
For this brief, i was required to develop a product brand for the new Mckinlay whisky, based around the ethos and spirit of the arctic explorer Shackleton's expedition find of a 100 year old whisky. I wanted to bring this ancient drink into the 21st century - i named the brand after a nickname the explorer had, 'Cautious Jack'. The product range was aimed towards the 25 - 35 market who love nothing more than a glass of a reliable and dependable whisky after a hard day at work (or exploring the arctic!)

The whole label is embossed in the front of the bottle, showing the compass logo, Leawood typeface and traditional shapes surrounding the modern, crisp lines of the compass. The slogan 'True Character' only appears on the Cautious Jack advertising as i didn't want to over complicate the simple, fresh design. The embossed label looks fantastic when the light is shining through the rich colour of the whisky - this is a whisky bottle the consumer won't want to throw away. The wooly handcrafted jumper looks plump and warm on the bottle - giving the consumer a little clue to how they may feel while drinking the product.

I included a small sewn in label on the jumper cover so the consumer can identify the whisky on the shelf/POS - again; this small label is just a simple solution that doesn't over complicate.
I wanted the advertising and branding story to be consistent from the whisky bottle, so i kept the same typeface and general design direction and brand ethos with the advert. The advertising idea was focused around one of the first things i researched - the relationship between Shackelton and his crew - I decided to produce a typographic solution to express the modern side of the brand while keeping the content strictly based on the brand myth. The text is from the eyes of one of the crew and how the only dependable, trustworthy and role model they can look up to is Shackleton. This is the same way consumers will see the brand Cautious Jack - always there when you need it the most.

The layout of the advert is a double spread that will feature in magazines which the average 25 - 35 year old man would read. The advert comes in different varieties depending on which whisky it is promoting - the ad below is for single malt whisky and the dark blue colour matches the same colour as the jumper on that particular bottle.