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    Illustration out of space.
00//Rough Linework was my starting point - used the standard soft round brush
01//Refined Linework did it with a standard hard round brush
02//Values added light and shadow underneath the linework layer
03//Color Accents placed blue color underneath the not so opaque value layer
04//Main Color used a clipping mask to define the main color
05//Dynamic Color put an overlay layer on top to create a much more vibrant feeling
06//Head Shield & Glow created a ring and some glow by using screen mode and color dodge
07//Gradient Map that's exactly what happened
08//Curves increased the color range with them
09//Color Balance for a subtle color correction
10//Optics Compensation for a little lense distortion and some chromatic aberration
11//Final Image one last color correction by using curves and the obligatory signature
12//Close Ups for a closer view and some insights