Architectsbalbek bureau Slava Balbek​, Daria Kushnir, Alina Vovkotrub
Product Designer: Roman Horoshylov
Project Area: 75,7 sq. m
Project Year: 2020
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Photo credits: Slava Balbek

Protagoniste Store is a Kharkiv multi-brand clothing store that offers its own label as well as outfits from various world brands. Protagonist is a group of projects that also includes Protagonist Bar, opened nearby in 2019.
Our team was commissioned to create a spatial design for a store that will convey a certain mood: a store that will look like a gallery of contemporary art, but instead of paintings and art installations, it will have clothes, shoes, and accessories. During working hours, it is a clothing store, and during events and parties, it becomes a place where like-minded people can communicate comfortably, dancing to DJ-networks. When you are in Protagoniste Store, you feel like you are in the gallery, in the store, and on the dance floor at the same time.​​​​​​​
It was also important to us to express through the interior everything that the Protagoniste founders value in their own and other brands presented in the store. This relates, first of all, to the relationship between shapes and textures. They believe that the architectural component of the room design should prevail over color.
The store is a clean and simple space with a lowered floor at the entrance. Functional zoning is organized in the format of an amphitheater with a small stage. In addition to providing spatial communication, the monolithic concrete stairs of the amphitheater become part of the exhibition, while the impromptu stage in the middle of the store forms a podium with soft seating.
In the left corner of the podium on the cashier's side, there is a hidden locker for storing documents and operational details.
Our team, together with the product designer Roma Khoroshylov, developed the entire system of storage and shelving specifically for this project.
The wall shelf consists of bent sheets of perforated metal, fixed at an angle. Special fasteners are screwed into the holes of the shelf; they serve as a support for the display of items.
The modular system is made entirely of brushed stainless steel. The structure is held on cantilever supports mounted in the wall at the same distance. 
A metal bar with notches is screwed in at their ends so that the hangers are placed at equal distance from each other. There are also separate shelves for shoes and accessories.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
We carefully selected each piece of furniture and decor. Most of them were purchased in vintage stores in the Netherlands. A minimalist armchair with rounded sections from the Ukrainian furniture brand propro contributes to the furniture composition inside the store.