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Guide to Fix Problems with Yahoo Mail in iOS Mail

Are you experiencing a problem with your Yahoo Mail when accessing it in iOS Mail? Well, if it so, then you are not the one to suffer from it. A majority of section globally faces this issue and looking for an ideal way to fix problems with Yahoo Mail in iOS Mail. This article explains how you can troubleshoot if Yahoo Mail is not working properly on your iOS Mail.

Occurrence of issue with the Yahoo Mail server is very common and can be fixed with a few simple settings. In most cases, iOS Mail app glitches are caused by invalid settings of the Yahoo Mail account that you are trying to add. There are several issues that your Yahoo faces, especially the ability to download, receive, and open email attachments are very crucial. You can go through the troubleshooting steps to fix issues with Yahoo Mail quickly.

Fix Problems with Yahoo Mail in iOS Mail – Here’s how

Make a check on the tips below to fix this issue. After implementing the following steps, don’t forget to test your mail again to see if the issue is fixed or not.

#1 Check To See If Your Account Works Outside Of The App

There may be something wrong with your Yahoo account. Here’s what you need to check.

From your pc, open any web browser (most preferably Google).

Now, Log in to your Yahoo Mail account by using the right login details.

In the next step, compose a new email and make sure to add your address in the "To" field.

Lastly, send the email and see if it arrives within 5 minutes. In case an issue occurs, you will need to address the issue before the account will work in an app.

#2 Update Your OS (Operating System)

As we all know, the prominent company Apple releases updates to its operating system more frequently to fix the issue of their previous update. So always make sure to use the latest version of the iOS software.

#3 Try to Remove and Re-add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail

This might be a reason that the settings that connect Yahoo Mail to the app are incorrect or corrupt. Do the following steps to fix the error.

Remove Yahoo Mail from iOS Mail

To start with the process, open the iOS Settings app.
Now, click on the option, which says “Accounts & Passwords”.
Click your Yahoo Mail account.
Tap Delete Account to remove the Yahoo Mail account.

Re-add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail

Open the iOS Settings app and tap on the option “Accounts & Passwords”.
In the next step, tap on Add Account and then select Yahoo.
Fill up your Yahoo Mail address and password in the provided area, and then click on Sign in.
Click Save.

#4 Use Manual Steps to Add a Yahoo Account Via IMAP Settings

The Manual setup procedure is ideal for older versions of the OS, which do not support the automated setup. But before using these steps, users are advised to remove their Yahoo account from iOS Mail.

Unlock your device and open the iOS Settings app.
Click Accounts & Passwords (or Mail, Contacts, Calendar on older devices).
Then, click Add Account and navigate to Other.
Now, make sure to enter your full email address and password and click Next.
Type your IMAP settings for incoming and outgoing servers.
After this, enter your email address for the user name and then click Next.
Always make sure to click "Use SSL" is on and "Server Port" is 587, then tap Done to complete the setup.

#5 Yahoo Mail App Facilitates Best Features

If you are still unable to connect your Yahoo Mail to the iOS Mail app, then there might be something wrong with the device. In this case, you can use the Yahoo Mail app and download it from the Apple store.

In case, your issue is still not fixed, all you can do is contact skilled professionals on Yahoo mail toll free Helpline number and discuss your issue with field experts.

Guide to Fix Problems with Yahoo Mail in iOS Mail

Guide to Fix Problems with Yahoo Mail in iOS Mail


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