September 2019. The client entrusted us to design Minions smart projector products, hoping to use IP to help the brand and achieve the effect of brand communication.

After preliminary analysis and multiple rounds of design discussions, we believe that Minions Stuart in the movie has a unique and cute shape, and the rounded top of the head matches the monocular eye mask, which is very suitable for the design direction of our products.

The shape uses a geometric cylinder as the basic shape, which combines the most characteristic elements of IP with the core functions of the product, and weakens some of the characteristics of IP elements.

The upper and lower ends are sprayed with plastic material and metal aluminum mesh,The black silicone headwear is matched with the plastic metal paint effect of the optical machine lens decoration.The overall upper and lower ends are divided according to the ratio of 4:5,The fashionable yellow element color scheme highlights the style and characteristics of Minions. A yellow dust-proof net is added between the hardware aluminum net and the shell to further protect the intrusion of dust. The detachable optical-mechanical lens trim is convenient for cleaning the lens,The round frame of the track corresponds to the camera and TOF lens.

Single camera and TOF realize face recognition, automatic focusing motor, can keep the picture clear at all times. Relying on the current hardware solution for autofocus, the smart eye protection function is added. The internal use of independent BOX design uses a four-point cantilever to make the sound effect more perfect. 5020 blower, heat conduction system, intelligent control of fan speed, effective control of wind noise and internal temperature.

Big Eye Orange and Universal Pictures' first joint projector, the world's first IP customization. From color to appearance materials, all are exclusively authorized by Universal Pictures.
Length * width * height: 109*101*174mm
Weight: 690G​​​​​​​



外形采用了几何圆柱体作为基本形,提炼出IP最具特征的元素和产品的核心功能相结合, 并弱化IP元素的部分特征。




长*宽*高:109 * 101 * 174mm
Considering the relationship between product ratio and hardware stacking,Party A and Universal Pictures’ review,The appearance has been modified many times, and then it has been verified by multiple prototypes and the color matching has been modified and adjusted many times.

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Role - Designer
September 2019

Minions Smart Projector