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    A personal exhibition - Winner of the 2009 One Small Seed Best Artist/illustrator award
Over Worked and Under Paid
Personal Exhibition - Winner of the 2009 One Small Seed Best Artist/Illustrator award
The inspiration behind the series was Over worked and under paid. I wasin a bad place financially and emotionally at the time - I felt like Iwas pulled out of proportion from trying too please everyone around me.

Well basically I love Surrealism. But my painting skills have neverbeen top notch, so I decided to use what I know - Photography, artdirection, photoshop and my imagination. I got a friend of mine - DirkSteenkamp from Everfelt Photography - too help me with the shoot. Hehas an awesome eye for model photography. We shot the model - Klein JanGroenewald - at a another friend of mine - Wouter du Toit's - homestudio. From there it was paring the model shots with the best fittingbackground for each one. Now the magic started too happen. As mentionedi love surrealism. I wanted too give the figure a distorted look, buttoo the point where its just visible that something is not normal. The secret was in the eyes - once I got them too a convincing standardI knew these works would really freak peoples' minds. Then after allthe minipulation to the model, I added some colour flashes/halos/flaresjust too add some life too this static page and also adding too thesurreal nature of the work.