Client Work

Various work created for clients.
Rainbow Rebirth

AW177 + PlayBling = "Rainbow Rebirth" Swarovski Elements iPhone Case!

Product Description:
"There are enough things in life to make us sad, let us be happy and positive, focusing on the bright colors and wonderful shapes of life!"

Power of the Tiger

AW177 + PlayBling = "Power of the Tiger" Swarovski Elements iPhone Case!

Product Description:
"The Chinese symbol of the tiger is an emblem of ferocity, courage, and power. The tiger provides protection, wards off any semblance of harm, and assures safety. Be like the tiger, have strength, be powerful to conquer all of life's challenges, and have some protection by your side!"

Good Luck Dragon

AW177 + PlayBling = "Good Luck Dragon" Swarovski Elements iPhone Case!

Product Description:
"In the Chinese culture, the dragon is the supreme spiritual power, the most ancient mythological emblem of power, strength and good luck. Be like the dragon, have power to live life to the fullest, be strong to conquer all, and have some good luck by your side!"

AW177 + Play Bling Swarovski crystal iPhone case "Dragon Luck" promo video! Perfectly in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year, the year of the dragon! Get yours at
Love Blossoms

AW177 + PlayBling = "Love Blossoms" Swarovski Elements iPhone Case! 

My second iPhone case design to be Swarovski crystallized by PlayBling is called "Love Blossoms".

Product Description:
"The blossom is very symbolic of beauty, power, love and good fortune in Asian countries.Stand out, be strong, be colorful and unique, and love will bloom when you carry blossoms!"

The original submitted design can be seen in the upper left corner.

As always I think PlayBling did a fantastic job!  You can grab your "Love Blossoms" iPhone case here:
AW177 + PlayBling = "Prosperity" Swarovski Elements iPhone Case!

I was able to work w/ a great company based in Hong Kong that creates Swarovski Elements iPhone cases and other products and they used my "Prosperity" design and converted it into a crystallized form! I think it looks awesome and everyone should carry one around to bring some "Prosperity" into your lives!

The original submitted design can be seen in the upper left corner.

You can grab your "Prosperity" iPhone case here:

AW177 in Japan Cinema Presents: Creative Interviews Vol. I magazine!

Creative Interviews Volume I is a book that features interviews with Creative individuals who have been featured on This volume is packed with all the advice you need to forge a successful career as a creative professional. Straight from the horses' mouths, from taking those first steps to promoting yourself effectively, and managing your time and money - it’s all here. From photographers, comic book artists, contemporary artists, printmakers, and models -- this essential book is from the makers of, the essential website for Asian culture & art.

Look for my section on art/toy customizationin the first Japan Cinema interview book! You can order yours here!
Japan Earthquake Relief print for The Poster Cause Project
Online nterview up with Japan Cinema, where they have an ongoing series showcasing creative men & women who make a profound impact in the art & film community of Asian ethnicity! Go have a read! Creative Spotlight: Episode #19 - Allen "AW177" Wen
Showcased in Computer Arts Projects Japanese Design Issue #145
"Koi" Poster for The Poster Cause Project
Hello Vinyl Toy Blog Banner (
Charley Mom Restaurant Website ( Works on iPhone!