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Capsule Of Time
Capsule out of time

I found in my memories of wonderful holidays in Tuscany. When I was there, every material I set my eyes on seemed to have a rich patina. The light brought a bright and shiny mood, the space was wide, and everywhere was calm, tranquil – disturbed only by the birds singing.  
It was a place where time disappeared. Days were gone. Only seasons, and their impact on vegetation and light, remained. There’s something terribly romantic about this sense of timelessness, and I wanted to reproduce this for my invented safe haven.
Then I tested different lights in Corona 6. Lighting is very important in this scene, because we wanted to show the beauty of the materials, while still matching the drama of the environment. It took many tries, and I ended up with four main settings morning, midday, evening and night and because the goal was to detail every peace of the scene, i could shoot any point of view i wanted, the light had more chance to fall nicely.
For all the materials, i used all the ecosystem of substance (source, painter, alchemist)
Alchemist was a big help with there new feature of image to material (AI powered) i could take picture around me and transform them into shaders in few manipulations.
The Rtx technology from NVIDIA made the process very fast.
Now the final set of images:
article from Substance team :
more detail about Substance Alchemist :
I hope you liked it, comments are always welcome.
Stay safe
Capsule Of Time
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