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    Year 1: Web Design 2
Navigations are placed right at the top of the webpage to make sure that it is unable to miss.
The navigations, when hovered over, will turn red. The current page is also marked in red.
A brief "history" of the company, presented with an interactive slider.
An accordian menu was adapted to showcase the different showrooms.
Upon entering the products page, customers can easily browse through the numerous products with a click of the mouse.
The price of the products are clearly stated, and customers can add their desired products to their cart.
After adding products to their cart, customers can click on the checkout button at the top to view their products.
The checkout page comes with an interactive box that when hovered over, will once again
showcase the product in full color, complete with price and description. This allows the customer
to check and review their items without the hassle of returning to their respective pages.
Customers will be required to sign in to make payment through their respective credit or debit cards.