PeopleFund is a marketplace lending fintech platform that is disrupting the financial system in Korea to provide financial freedom to more individuals.

Before showcasing its strong business results and corporate reporting, the 2019 annual report visually recreates the serious social problem that exists in Korea using unconventional methods.

Using tiered pages with cut out images that lead from one to the next, the design tells the narrative of how extremely conservative banks in Korea only serve super prime borrowers, leaving all others with no option, but to borrow from tier 2 lenders and loan sharks at unfair, extremely high rates. 

PeopleFund’s mission is to bridge this gap and offer a real financial solution that can improve the lives of Koreans. This introduction sets the tone for the rest of the report and invites readers to understand why PeopleFund’s motto is “extraordinary finance, for the ordinary”.

PeopleFund Company Annual Report 2019