Design work at the University of Florida
Logo Design // Stationary // Style Guide // Marketing Collateral // Mailers // Flyers
This was a project to rebrand the entire Florida State Parks system, complete with total rebranding, new marketing strategies, and a final printed style guide. Starting with the logos – I created one "main" logo as a symbol of the State Park system as a whole. Subsequently, each of the 5 regions had a regional logo developed along with their unique stationary branding. Concentrating on the fact that most tourist revenue comes from theme/amusement parks, the marketing strategy for the State Parks system has the viewer picturing themselves within the beauty of the flora and fauna outside of the tourist traps, cemented by "blank white graphics" that are included in photographs. Florida has so much more to offer than just Miami Beach or Disneyworld that it's important for the State Parks system to really highlight all of the activities that could be had here.
This is the "main" logo for the Florida State Parks system. Each of the 5 regional logos play off of the circular top part of the logo. It's whatever the viewer sees. For some it might be the setting/rising sun, for others the ocean's waves, and still to others perhaps a lovely seashell.
Business cards for all 6 logo types.
Cover, front and back, of the style guide book that folds out accordion-style to reveal blurbs about each region.
Combination of Style Guide Book, business cards, letterhead, envelope, and promotional mailer.