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    an abstract that nobody understands
I will scare you away
till I shake
for ,
you have seized my inner peace
There are times when I have felt like clock was sleeping 
and the universe was mine
that I ruled the time 
Do not give; you will have a habit of asking it back, taking it back. 
I am going where I am leading
I hope for every throne I'd be able to walk free,
even without shoes.
Learning from each prick;
Still never stopping myself where I am going. 
can you wake me up, touching? 
And you will know that I was not even sleeping. 
 No body knows my strength. 
the perfect mannequin 
the living mannequin 
you see a thing how you see it, not how it is. 
You painted me black 
and I have become an abstract 
that- no body understands 
dreams ! take me to the reality. 
Reality! take me to the dreams. 
battle of thoughts in my head
as ciggratte burns 
only the traces of memories
and the memories of sleepy clock
in the mirror of my memories.