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ILMA | Security Camera

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With an increasingly mobile population, more people are traveling than ever before. Whether it be for work or pleasure, we often find ourselves in various precarious places, leading to an increasing concern around personal safety while on the move.

ILMA seeks to aid the user, functioning as a non-invasive monitoring system that also acts as an ornamental feature, keeping the user safe from security threats and health hazards. It is specifically designed to seamlessly fit into a modern home interior while providing the user with portable security.
Problems + Insights
People have increasing concerns about where they stay and how safe they are. These problems are prevalent and have been identified with key insights being derived from these observations.
Looking at existing products on the security and surveillance market, organising them into a hierarchy evaluated based on appearance and character. Done in order to identify opportunity for innovation and improvement.
Taking inspiration from various soft form electronic products, featuring soft curves and no hard edges in order to enhance the desirability to touch and interact with them. Also looking into the inclusion of fabrics to add a cosy and homely feel. 
Referencing my inspiration, I began to explore a variety of forms for a 'hub' like product through iterative sketching. A final form direction was then chosen and initial details added.
Starting with rough thumbnail sketches in a group environment to explore the function and potential features of the product. Then moving into physical modelling with foam to define ergonomics, feel, and form. Once these were evaluated I moved into CAD to prove realistic technical manufacturing feasibility. 
Introducing ILMA
An elegant, contemporary, and unique proposal, disregarding the cold and soulless sense of the traditional security and surveillance products, redefining the product category by proving a friendlier and more sentimental alternative can exist in the same space.
The soft and uncomplicated design language means it can seamlessly fit into a modern home environment.​​​ Its relatively small footprint allows for effortless portability with only a single power cable required to charge the device.
ILMA boasts a high quality wide angle lens for optimal frame coverage, its smart sensors allow for intelligent tracking and motion detection. It can be placed anywhere and have full 360°coverage of its surrounding environment. 
Air Flow
Air flows through a fabric covering placed over the vents allowing the device to monitor air quality, humidity and temperature of its environment. The internal sensors can detect toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, alcohol, thinner, and formaldehyde.
Design Detailing
Showcasing the simple and subtle details that add an element of elegant finesse to the design. Highlighting the interactive touch and contact points when using the product to activate various functions.
The App
ILMA works cohesively with a simple and easy to use integrated app. The app looks to inform the user of potential health hazards and security threats, constantly monitoring air quality and live surveillance. 
Various screens showcasing everything from the set-up process, account creation, and settings adjustments.
Designing For Manufacture
Demonstrating manufacturing awareness and feasibility, understanding all of the different components needed, how they collectively fit together, and how production methods influence the functionality and form of the product.  
Parts + Components
All 18 parts needed in order to make the product (scale of parts shown are not relative to each other in this context).
CAD Detailing
A focussed in-depth view of the inner workings of the product relating to various functions. This also showcases manufacturing awareness in regards to ribbing, bosses, wall thicknesses, and draft angles.
Product Assembly
A timeline of the assembly process. ILMA is designed to be fixed together with a combination of push and snap fits. This allows for easier assembly and disassembly for recycling at the end of the product's lifespan. 
ILMA is manufacturable through the process of injection moulding several satin finished ABS parts.
Structural Packaging
ILMA is packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard box with a matt finish to enhance the experience with a sense of premium quality. The contents (in order) consists of an ILMA set-up guide, ILMA, and a USB-C cable for charging.
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ILMA | Security Camera

ILMA | Security Camera