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    A book displaying the elements of text typography.
Sweet Type 
An Irresistible guide to typographic confections.
This book was created for Warren Lehrer’s Advanced Typography class at SUNY Purchase College. 
The assignment was to create a book about typography, using appropriated text from alternate sources. 
Selection of a theme was optional, and I decided to draw inspiration from sweets. In choosing a theme, 
I wanted to besure that all additional elements, were all very purposeful, and helped the readers better comprehend what the text was talking about. I created a variety of hand made confections and photo-
graphed them. I also was oddly enough able to find many associations with text typography that went 
along with this theme. I decided to package the book as if it was a sweet treat itself! I placed it in a cello-
phane bag and tied a ribbon around it.